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Clergy Timeline*

Johannes Campanius


Dedicated the original church at Tinicum

Lars C. Lock 



Jacob Fabritius



Andreas (Andrew) Rudman


Built Gloria Dei Church and buried on Church grounds

Andrew Sandel



Jonas Lidman



Johan Eneberg


Placed the baptismal font in Gloria Dei (1731)

Gabriel Falk



John Dylander


Buried in Gloria Dei Church; preached in German

Gabriel Nasman


Controversy over Moravians & German

Olof Parlin


Buried in Gloria Dei Church

Dr. Carl Magnus Wrangel


Powerful & popular speaker; attracted large crowds

Anders Goransson



Matthias Hultgren



Nicholas (Nils) Collin


Friend of Ben Franklin, lightening rod system installed in church building

Jehu Curtis Clay


First Episcopal rector of Gloria Dei; parsonage and Sunday School building built; organ purchased

John W. Leadenham


Parish hall constructed

J. Sanders Reed



Snyder Binns Simes


Ushered in the glory days of Gloria Dei; Hook and Hastings organ installed

Percy R. Stockman


Later director of the Seamen's Church Institute

Addison E. Ewing



John Lowry Hady



John Craig Roak


Largely responsible for Gloria Dei's designation as a National Historic Site in 1942; revived the traditional Lucia Fest; Roak House built

David Buchanan Rivers

(1972 - 2004) 

Hook and Hastings organ and church building restored and parish hall kitchen renovated. Parish hall was renamed to "Riverside Hall" in honor of him.

D. Joy Segal

 (2006 - 2017)

 Patricia Cashman

 (2018 - 2019)


*Lay readers maintained worship at Gloria Dei until Rudman arrived from Sweden

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