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Dave Buchanan Rivers (1972 - 2004)

David Buchanan Rivers succeeded Reverend Roak in the spring of 1972 and continued as rector of Gloria Dei until 2004. In the years since 1972, the financial resources of the church have improved through the establishment of endowment funds. In the early 1970s a man named Hilmer Lundbeck created an endowment fund for the preservation of Gloria Dei Church that enabled extensive work to be done on the church itself and on other buildings in the late 70s and also contributed toward the extensive restoration work that was done in 1998-99. Two other major additions were made to the endowment funds, one from the estate of Dorothy Maynard Smith and one from the estate of Catherine Marett.

In addition, Reverend Rivers and his wife Elizabeth presided over a growth in the Gloria Dei worshiping community. There have been better years and worse years, but changes in the community and a reputation for good music and a lively congregation has resulted in numerical growth and breadth.

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